Septeber 7 2018 – “Enrapture the Soul” Vesselin Kourtev’s Exhibition Opening @ Alfa Art Gallery

Exhibition duration: September 4 – October 27

Opening Friday – September 7 @ 6:30pm

Veteran Bulgarian artist Vesselin Kourtev invites you to a visual journey of color, spirituality and emotion in the form of his 2018 Exhibition, Enrapture the Soul. Renowned for his masterful use of flowing hues and textures to convey concrete moods and states of mind through the abstract, lovers of visual art would do well not to miss this display of Kourtev’s latest works of art. Those passionate about impressionism and landscapes, as well as those seeking a fresh and unique approach to the canvas that dares to marry the ethereal with the corporeal will find much in this exhibit to enjoy. Crafting his most recent series of paintings (Cycles) from his New Brunswick gallery, Alfa Art Gallery, Kourtev works tirelessly to innovate, incorporate and improve upon visual and conceptual themes present throughout his past works. This results in a distinct yet inimitable visual aesthetic that serves to subvert the conventions of painting while honoring its untold complexity and emotional resonance. Reveries, beliefs, and passions coalesce on Kourtev’s canvases delivering a universal message that his viewers will feel deep within their very essence. Taking place inside a cozy and intimate environment, Enrapture the Soul will be free for all to attend. Refreshments and live music will be present alongside community enrichment via the arts. Artistic connoisseurs will not want to miss this captivating display.

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