Vesselin’s works assume some of their most boisterous forms in this series utilizing explosive bursts of brilliant multidimensional color juxtaposed by backgrounds comprised of single hues of varying temperatures. Often contained within this series’ palettes are deliberately obscured figures, items and symbols. Kourtev’s painting, A Scent in the Darkness, demonstrates this visual quality to unexpected effect appearing only as an abstract work of art from afar and then slowly revealing the subject of its namesake upon closer examination. Two human faces with their eyes closed and their noses pointed toward one another can be observed exploring one another’s features through scent alone. Their shadowy surroundings of brush strokes and paint drips necessitate the disuse of their vision in the pursuit of finding one another. When they do happen upon each other, however, the result is a touching embrace symbolizing the inherent love we feel for our partners which transcends the superficiality of the human gaze. With transcendental themes like these, as well as naturalistic motifs such as coral reefs, are prevalent within this series, every painting has a story to tell and an aesthetic uniquely belonging to Vesselin.